LIFX now plays with Yonomi

Your LIFX lights now play with Yonomi, the free app that offers you a way to connect the smart devices in your home and control them from one simple interface. With over 17 brands and many more products already enabled, Yonomi is a great introduction anyone looking to take the first steps into the world of IoT without spending big.

Yonomi sits in your phone and the cloud. Just like LIFX, there is no hub, no controller or any additional hardware required. This means that getting started is simple, just download the app and you’re ready to enjoy the benefits connected living has to offer you, such as saving time and energy.

When you use LIFX with Yonomi you can set your lights to automatically turn on at sunset or dim at bedtime. You can even take your connected home to the next level by creating routines, one of our favorites is changing to the colour of your lights to let you know when the morning brew is ready.

Get the popcorn ready and take a seat. Yonomi will get your home ready for movie night by pausing the music and dimming the lights to the perfect temperature.

Already an Yonomi user? Add your LIFX lights to your existing routines.

Available now at Google Play & the App Store.