App Release 4.21.0

We’ve supercharged Themes! Check out our new blending styles (hello national flags) and explore categories. Even better: Themes and collections will be coming out across the year, getting more powerful and dynamic as we go.

Routines and schedules now have improved timezone management. This is displayed when creating and editing to keep it simple for all our jet setting time-zone hoppers out there.

    • Themes screen has been redesigned, including new theme application modes and categories.
    • Routines now better handle Timezones. Timezones won’t change after a Routine has been created, the Timezone of the routine is shown in the time picker
    • What’s new section in settings now has page about new themes.
    • [Android] Schedules time picker now shows the timezone of the schedule
    • [Android] When creating a schedule on a guest location, Android used to show the current wifi network as the selected target in the new schedule. This has been resolved.
    • [iOS] Fixed issue on the white wheel, if the user tapped a kelvin while the light was off, the wheel wouldn’t correctly update to the correct kelvin.
    • [Android] Made small change which may help prevent users from ending up with an empty colour palette on the control screen.