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May 3rd 2024:
Nanoleaf vs. LIFX vs. Govee - BEST OUTDOOR STRING LIGHTS for Apple Home?
Source: ModernDayTech

Get ready for a showdown like no other as we compare these innovative lighting solutions to see which one truly shines brightest in your outdoor space.


April 14th 2024:
Smart string light showdown: Nanoleaf versus LIFX
Source: The Verge

Which is the best bet to bedazzle your backyard?


April 12th 2024:
LIFX SuperColor Smart Light A21 review: Big and bright
Source: TechHive

LIFX's new A21 bulb is easy to use, works with Matter, and doesn't skimp on the lumens.


April 4th 2024:
LIFX Introduces Two New Matter-Enabled Smart Lightbulbs
Source: Trend Hunter

LIFX is expanding its portfolio by introducing two new smart bulbs that are compatible with the Matter standard and operate over Wi-Fi.


Mar 28th 2024:
LIFX String Light review: A pricey pop of outdoor color
Source: TechHive

After a long absence, LIFX is back with smart outdoor string lights that are impressively bright, but quite expensive.


Mar 23rd 2024:
The Best Smart Light Bulbs of 2024
Source: How To Geek

Many smart bulbs say they have millions of colors, but LIFX goes one step further with billions of colors.


Mar 21st 2024:
The 8 Best LED Strip Lights of 2024 to Illuminate Your Space
Source: Better Home & Gardens

Winner: Best Color. The technology generates vivid color combinations as well as tunable white light so you can select the perfect hue for any occasion, mood, or purpose.


Mar 4th 2024:
LIFX is back with a new outdoor range that Matters
Source: The Ambient

LIFX – remember them? The first real contender to Philip Hue’s smart light crown with its range of Wi-Fi bulbs, is back from the wilderness with a range of outdoor smart lights.


Mar 4th 2024:
LIFX takes on Philips Hue with brand new outdoor smart lighting range
Source: T3

After a tumultuous few years, LIFX is under new ownership and back with a brand new outdoor smart lighting range.


Mar 4th 2024:
Eve Outdoor Outlet, new Aqara products, LIFX returns on HomeKit Insider
Source: AppleInsider

After quite a bit of silence, LIFX is back with a new line of outside smart lights. There are light strips, string lights, spotlights, and path lights that support the full color spectrum, Matter over Wi-Fi, and are some of the brightest on the market.


Feb 29th 2024:
LIFX Introduces Outdoor Lighting Range w/ Matter
Source: HomeKit News

There’s some new Feit in one of the original smart lighting companies. Under new ownership, LIFX is launching a line of outdoor lights and says more products are on the way and that everything will support Matter.


Feb 29th 2024:
These new HomeKit outdoor smart lights bring color to your backyard — and they connect over Matter
Source: iMore

It’s all well and good having reams upon reams of colorful lighting on the inside of your house, but what about the outside? LIFX looks to fix the drab, white, or yellow-lit exterior of your home with some very tempting HomeKit-connected smart lights, which bring the color in some very cool ways.


Feb 28th 2024:
Smart lighting stalwart LIFX reemerges with a new line of outdoor lights
Source: The Verge

Now the company has introduced its latest products using their smart polychromatic lighting technology to other regions, with the launch of its very first outdoor lighting range.


Feb 28th 2024:
LIFX is back with new outdoor smart lights
Source: TechHive

The once-troubled, now Feit Electric-owned LIFX brand returns with a quartet of outdoor lights, including string lights, a spotlight, and a flexible "rope" light.


Feb 28th 2024:
LIFX reveals new outdoor HomeKit lights with Matter, its first smart home releases in years
Source: 9to5Toys

LIFX today is launching its new lineup of outdoor smart lights. Now available for purchase, the whole collection brings its signature addressable LED Polychrome tech to four new releases.


Aug 1st 2023:
The best smart light bulbs for 2023 - Runner up: LIFX Color A19 
Source: Engadget 

LIFX’s mobile app is also undoubtedly the slickest we tested. While that may not mean much to you, it’s worth mentioning because mobile apps are the way most people interact with their smart lights on a daily basis.


May 30th 2023:
Major Smart Lighting Brands Ranked Worst To Best
Source: Slash Gear

Though LIFX's range of products is limited to smart bulbs, light strips, and light switches, the products are of top-notch quality.


Apr 14th 2023:
The best LED strip lights in 2023: Top picks for every room
Source: Business Insider

Best overall: LIFX Lightstrip with Color Zones. For the brightest, most vivid colors, nothing can compete with the Lifx Lightstrip with Color Zones.


Apr 13th 2023:
The best smart light bulbs in 2023
Source: Business Insider

Best overall: LIFX Color A19 1100 Lumen Bulb. The Lifx Color 1100-lumen Bulb is the brightest bulb we've ever tested and beams the most accurate and vibrant colors.


Apr 13th 2023:
The 'smart home' gadgets worth spending your hard-earned money on

So simple, so easy, and super smart.


Jan 21st 2023:
6 Best Smart Devices for Google Home Under $50
Source: Guiding Tech

LIFX boasts an assortment of excellent smart home devices under its belt. Take the company’s Color A19 LED Smart Bulb, for instance, which is rated for up to 25,000 hours of operation. If you do the math, you’ll know that the bulb can reportedly work for up to 22.8 years, which is baffling, to say the least.


Jan 21st 2023:

LIFX smart bulbs are intuitive, beautiful, and affordable
Source: Mashable

Beyond the general vibes of switching all of my traditional lightbulbs to LIFX’s color-changing smart bulbs, I love the color vibrancy that LIFX bulbs offer. Other smart lights I’ve used are disappointingly dim when you switch to a fun color, but the LIFX bulbs stay bright no matter what color you choose.


Jan 13th 2023:
The best LIFX LED smart lights, bulbs, and strips in 2023
Source: Android Police

Smart lights are a useful and creative piece of tech, as they easily transform a room's look and make life easier. LIFX's wide array of smart LED lighting options works perfectly in every room in your house. Plus, they are easy to set up, customize, and even add on to if you want to expand into multiple rooms of your home.


Jan 6th 2023:
The 9 Best Smart Light Bulbs to Brighten Your Space with Minimal Effort
Source: Better Homes & Gardens

The Lifx A19 Smart LED Light Bulb provides 1100 lumens and millions of different color options. It is outfitted with RGBW LEDs for richer colors and a 1500-9000K white range. This means you can create endless color and intensity options to fit all your lighting needs, from a romantic dinner to an energizing workspace.


Dec 15th 2022:
WBHE Goes Beyond ‘Harry Potter’ Movies With Spell-Casting Smart Wand
Source: Media Player News 
This holiday season, WBHE has gone beyond discs with a motion-activated smart wand that through an app allows users to turn on the lights (LIFX compatible), speakers and TVs, as well as cast more than 50 spells from J.K. Rowlings’ Harry Potter stories to create a variety of light, sound and haptic effects through connected compatible smart home devices.   


Nov 16th 2022 (updated): 
Philips Hue vs Lifx smart light bulbs - which is the best system?
Source: Living Etc 
For ease of setup, affordability and the biggest range of colour and brightness options then the Lifx bulbs are the better pick.  


Oct 28th 2022:
LIFX Mini White is a great budget option for a hub-free HomeKit bulb
Source: 9-5 Mac  

If you were to ask me to sell you on the LIFX Mini White Bulb in a single sentence, I would say: It supports HomeKit without needing a third party hub for under $20. That’s the reason. If that’s what you’re looking for, you can stop reading and go buy it.


Aug 8th 2022:
The 18 Best Smart Lights for Perfect Lighting at Home

LIFX took out the best overall smart colour light bulb and also the best nightlight.


Aug 4th 2022:
The troubled LIFX smart light brand has a new home
Source: TechHive 

LIFX's future looked dim after its former parent went into receivership earlier this year, but now the brand has a new owner: Feit Electronics. 

Jun 2nd 2022:
Embrace The RGB Rainbow With The Best LED Light Bulbs And Strips
Source: Kotaku

One of the best LED light bulbs in Australia: LIFX Colour A60.


Mar 29th 2022:
LIFX Color Smart Bulb review
Source: Living Etc 

4 stars: Great brightness in whites, Colors are vibrant and rich, Integrates well with almost everything.


Aug 6th 2021: 
LIFX Clean review: 4 stars
Source: TechRadar

The LIFX clean is a smart light bulb, which illuminates and can be controlled via a smartphone app. In addition, it can emit High Energy Visible (HEV) light onto items such as keys, wallets and even your smartphone to kill any bacteria present on their surfaces.


Feb 11th 2020:
LIFX HomeKit X Razer Chrome Connect Review
Source: Ausgamers  
The ease at which I got all of this working in disparate parts of my home setup and to work for different experiences was simply awesome.


Aug 25th 2019:
Review: The Lifx Beam is a stunning modular HomeKit smart light
Source: Apple Insider

4 stars: If you have an existing smart home — or are just looking to get started — the Lifx Beam is a colorful, full-featured smart light that will easily make your place look great. 


Feb 11th 2019:
LIFX A19 (2018) smart bulb review: The Wi-Fi bulb to beat keeps getting better
Source: TechHive

Shine on, you crazy lightbulb. 4.5 stars