App Release 4.14.0

Public release date:
11th of February 2023 


Another update has landed! What was on the cards this time, you ask? We've added one big, shiny thing, a little surprise and some smaller improvements (in the spirit of always getting better).

So the big thing: Routines is here! It's the beginning of a new way to think less about the perfect everyday light for you. We'll be adding more powerful features and controls to this as we go, as well as plenty of preset recipes to the library, but right now you can try out version 1.0 in the LIFX app and see what you think about this new way of lighting your home!

This release also has another round of usability improvements for those of you with a Lightstrip or Beam, see below for more on that. 

It was Valentine's Day this month so we also snuck in some fun for that with one of our new surprises.


New Feature:

Routines is a multi-step scheduling tool that will have an ever-expanding library of super easy presets you can pull from. It's here to add more power and less thinking to your smart lighting experience by creating environments that support your lifestyle like clockwork.

We'll be building on this over the coming months with your help, so think on how you'd like to see it grow from here and let us know what you'd like to see next when we send out our feature survey.


We've been working on our experience for two of our most popular Polychrome Tech products, Beam and Lightstrip. 
This is part one of our improvements to setup, as well as how you can detect connected pieces. This release now has additional assistance when adding a new product to help users trigger a scan of what is connected after setup, for smoother onboarding if pieces are connected after the initial 'power on' auto-detection. 


Another little holiday surprise experience for Valentines day! We added a fun dashboard toggle to turn on some dreamy romantic lighting that shifts gently between colors.

If you missed it on the day, you can get the look using effects. Simply click the label for the 'Animate' effect, set the room or light to run it on, then choose the theme 'Romance' under 'Use Theme'. 


Two phones showing LIFX app with Routines Library preset modes and a circadian rhythm routine template

 Two phones showing LIFX app with Valentines day surprise and effects area