App Release 4.29.0

Having surveyed thousands of users and BETA tested with hundreds of LIFX Insiders, this is our biggest App update in years. With a focus on improving usability, revisiting some lost features from yesteryear and ensuring FX work we hope you'll enjoy this release as much as we do.

  • Optimised Dashboard. Your home dashboard has been streamlined for groups that only contain 1 device and you can now easily expand and collapse groups through a more intuitive UI. Allowing you to see more on your dashboard.

  • New Core Navigation. We have put the most important things in easy reach. My Groups, My Scenes, FX Library and Routines. The things you need access to the most. 

  • Dedicated Scenes. Scenes are super powerful and something we see people using more and more. They now have a dedicated space that you can access easily.

  • Dedicated FX Library. We have rebranded effects to FX. You have been asking for updates to this for years and with a range of new products coming, we are excited to be rebuilding our FX engine from the ground up.

  • FX Upgrades. Previously, some FX could only run on specific products. We now allow FX to run across all your lights no matter what type.​
    1. ​Fire has been redesigned as Flame and can now run across all LIFX devices.
    2. Morph and Animate have been consolidated as Morph and can now run across all LIFX devices.
    3. Move looks best on Lightstrip and Beam, but will now extend out to all your lights. More improvements planned here.
    4. Move and Morph will now work when you trigger it with a single starting color. Adding small shade variations for a subtle vibe change.
    5. Pastels and Random both have improved setting that allow you to choose the number of colour to apply at once.