Collection: Cardio Crushers & Lifting Legends Gift Guide

Lights for warming up.

Getting started is the hardest part. Keep yourself consistent with pre-scheduled, visual alerts to signal that it’s time to work out. Then ease your way into your workout by setting warm ambers to transition into bright whites, which will tell to your body it’s time to start bringing your heart rate up.

Lights for cooling down.

Schedule your lights to cool down with you by dimming down from bright whites to warm ambers, signalling it’s time to relax. Once you’re all finished in your home gym, switch to a Clean Cycle with LIFX Clean to wipe out the nasties before your next session.

Lights for staying in the zone.

Bright white light at 6000K has been proven to enhance performance and improve focus. Reach your full potential with lighting that will take you there. Or, for days when it’s just about getting it done, tap into endless colour options for a wild ride that’ll have you forget you’re even sweating.

Lighting for yoga.

Using coloured lights can dramatically enhance your flow. Blues and greens have long been thought of as calming and anxiety reducing colours. To help ease you through your session, use LIFX lights to create the perfect blue-green aura soothing Scene.

Lighting for HIIT.

Every bit of contextual motivation helps when it comes to HIIT. Power through your session with bold purples, pinks and blues that will transform a torturous 30 seconds of burpees into an aesthetically awesome, torturous 30 seconds of burpees. Then set a Clean Cycle on your app to wipe out nasty bacteria on your mat while you recover.

Lighting for recovery.

Your downtime doesn’t have to end when the movie finishes. Take yourself out of the film and back into your favourite game in seconds. With a flick of a button, set the lights in your den to shift from dim theatre ambers to bright, bold blues and purples for an easy transition between two worlds.

More lights for sleep