Collection: Sleep Seekers Gift Guide

Lights for gentle mornings.

Say goodbye to blaring alarm clocks and instead wake up gently to soft lighting. By presetting your LIFX bedside light to gradually turn on and increase brightness to wake you up, you can start your day in a healthy, relaxed way.

Lights for easy nights.

Take blue light out of the mix and make bedtime a breeze. With voice control or the flick of a single button, dim down every light in your bedroom to warm ambers or even switch to shades of red to signal to your body that it’s time to start making melatonin. Read, stretch or meditate in this calming Scene before dozing off into an easy night’s sleep.

Lights for healthy days.

Maintain a healthy circadian rhythm by scheduling your lights to transition like the sun as your day progresses. With a massive range of shades of bright whites for invigorated mornings and rich ambers for relaxing evenings, you can use LIFX lights to work with your internal clock instead of against it.

Whites that fuel your focus.

Bright white light at 6000K (the same colour temperature as the sun) has been proven to enhance performance and improve focus. So put down the third coffee and fuel your work days with lighting that will help you feel wide awake and ready to go naturally.

Night lights that won't keep the kids up.

Just because your child wakes up in the middle of the night, doesn’t mean they have to stay up. Set their LIFX light to 5% dimness on the colour red to prevent pesky, bright blue light from keeping them from falling back to sleep. Now midnight potty runs don’t have to be a nightmare.

More lights for parents