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Lights for bedtime.

Use LIFX lights to create a consistent bedtime routine that makes winding down a breeze. With schedules that are preset to dim to warm ambers before bed, blue lights causing sleepless nights are a thing of the past. But first, don’t forget to set vivid purples and greens to splash the walls for the ultimate story time.

Lights for playtime.

Every part of playtime doesn’t have to be left to your kids’ imaginations. Light the room in any colour their hearts desire for an experience that’s fully their own. Capture their favourite colours and settings of every light by creating a Scene with the touch of a button so playtime can be just how they like it, every time.

Lights for cleanup time.

The only thing better than a light that enforces cleanup time is a light that actually does some of the cleaning. Good thing LIFX lights can do both. Schedule the playroom lights to brighten up or change colours to signal playtime is over. Then, set a LIFX Clean to finish the job by safely tackling harmful bacteria on toys.

Lights for staying on time.

It’s easy to lose track of time while trying to get everyone up, ready and out the door. But you can say goodbye to panicked mornings with the LIFX app. Simply schedule your kids’ lights to turn on and up to full brightness when it’s time to wake up, then flick to the colour red ten minutes before the bus comes every day. Staying on track and on time is easier than ever.

Lights for staying asleep.

Just because your child wakes up in the middle of the night, doesn’t mean they have to stay up. Set their LIFX light to 5% dimness on the colour red to prevent pesky, bright blue light from keeping them from falling back to sleep. Now midnight potty runs don’t have to be a nightmare.

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