Collection: Content Creators Gift Guide

Lights for every form of content.

From studio photography to bedroom TikTok videos, your content deserves a quality spotlight regardless of its context. Wow your audience with captivating visuals through endless colour options, a massive range of white to warm shades, animated effects and more.

Lights for flicker-free filming.

Don’t distract your viewers with poor quality lighting that flickers in the background of your content. By setting LIFX lights to full brightness, you’ll get a flicker fusion rate of 4000 Hz. That means you can even film slow motion content without a flicker of a worry.

Lights for customised creativity.

Cut through the noise by showing your unique creativity. With our Polychrome tech, you can customise your lights to transform your space in a way that’s completely your own. Paint colours that work together to create an ombre effect in a single light, then animate the colours to create movement effects like waves or candle light flickers. What will you create?

Scenes for saving set up time.

If only content were as quick to create as it is to watch. But those of us who make it know a 5 second video can easily take 5 hours to whip up. The good news is you can cut down on set up time by saving each of your lights’ settings in a Scene. With a single button, have your room lit and ready to film with the perfect colours, brightness and effects for your content.

Vibes for enjoying content.

Don’t forget to enjoy the content you’ve spent hours creating. Set the vibe in your home theatre or living room with bias lighting behind your TV or entertainment unit. Once the mood is right, you can sit back and appreciate your hard work.

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