The all new LIFX app is here.

Last week after extensive testing and feedback from our beta users we released an all new version of the LIFX app for iOS. And as of today Android users will be able to install the all new experience as well.


Since launching the original LIFX app, we have had lots of great feedback and requests from our users. LIFX is committed to constant improvement and offering the most useful and intuitive user experience. So, we have taken all the great feedback from our passionate users and data insights to create an end product that is simple and beautiful to use.. So what’s new? Lets check it out.

After plenty of feedback we’ve introduced a darker interface.

Save your eyes at night, our new interface great for low-light viewing. We also think the colours look pretty great with this dark contrast.

The masses have spoken and when it comes to buttons you’ve told us bigger is better.

We’ve added larger tiles to make turning your lights on and off even quicker than before. You can also easily see the colour and brightness of each individual light, and group.

It’s easier than ever to access your saved scenes and schedules.

We’ve moved all of your favorite and most used features to the one place, making it quicker and easier than ever to control your lights.

Open or Closed? You can leave the features you use most open and close those you don’t.

If you primarily use Groups to control your lights, close the Lights menu and keep Groups open for easy access.

Found the perfect colour or shade of white? Now with colour degrees and temperature scales you can see exactly what each LIFX light is set to.

Choose the perfect shade of white from 2500K Ultra Warm, 5500K Daylight through to 9000K Blue Ice.

Where did slide to fade go?

We know people love to use the slide to fade option to dim their lights. To best suit our new big buttons, you can now push to fade. Push and hold the light or group you wish to fade and you will see the timer selection pop up. Select the duration and let your lights fade off into the night.