Press to Fade: Fading On and Off

When you’re soundly snoozing in the morning or gradually drifting off at night, your LIFX light offers a quick and convenient fade feature to ease the transition. It’s a spontaneous feature useful as a convenient sleep timer in the morning or a reminder to reign in an all-night brainstorming session.

Go to the HOME menu, then press and hold the power icon above the selected light name for one second. A menu will appear, select the time frame you’d like the light to fade on or off. Remember, the current power state dictates whether the light fades off or on; if powered down, you’ll be prompted to set how long the light takes to fade on, and vice versa.




This feature is also compatible with groups, so you can set entire rooms or sections of your household to fade on and off at different intervals based on your preferences.



Press to Fade can also be used to turn on scenes. Whether you want to slowly wake up to your scene, or have the scene slowly change from your current setting, press and hold the scene, and choose from the options.





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