Light DJ Pro and LIFX!

Group your LIFX lights with the Light DJ Pro (LDP) app to enhance your Weekend and end the night with a party appropriate fireworks display. Set your favourite colours, turn on the music, and set the tone for the evening with bursts of light overhead. To achieve this theme’s desired lighting effect, we recommend grouping a minimum of three LIFX lights.

Switch on the desired LIFX lights and synch them by going to the SETTINGS icon (a pair of gears) on the LDP HOME screen. On the next screen, tap the LIFX bulb icon under LIGHT CONNECTIONS. The app will automatically detect and sync with your lights.

Go back to the app HOME screen and tap the GROUP icon (a lightbulb) on the LDP HOME screen. Select CONFIGURE GROUPS AND ORDERING followed by NEW GROUP.
Name your group, select it under LOCAL GROUPS, then choose your lights.
Go back one screen to SELECT A NEW LIGHTING GROUP and choose your new group.

With one-touch magic, press and drag your desired colours from the pallette at the bottom of the screen to the three tiles next to START. Change up individual palette colours by specifying a tile then modify with the COLOUR WHEEL on the right side.

Ready to light the fuse on this theme?
With your GROUP selected, go to the LDP screen and choose FIREWORKS from the ACTIVE EFFECT drop down menu. Hit START and watch the light show go!

Tweak your Fireworks experience with a variety of cool effects!

MELLOW EFFECTS pads a lights transition from one colour to the next. Pulse to Soft Strobe, draw out the vibes with Wave, or experience Swirls dips and peaks.

VOLUME TRIGGER sets the audio level which activates your chosen theme. The music will determine the visual pace, with higher volumes triggering increased light activity.

BRIGHTNESS can be adjusted to the level of your liking. Adjusting the slider can make colours proudly pop or create the subtlest of shades.

AUTO CHANGE THEME can be turned on and automatically switch up theme colours. You can also advance the current colour selection by tapping the AUTO CHANGE icon to the right.


About the creator

I’ve always had a love for the rhythmic synergy shared between music and light. When I moved to California, I started getting into the dance music scene and grew obsessed with the light shows which were part of almost every event. This obsession led me to be one of the original backers of the LIFX Kickstarter in 2012 as well as beginning to code smart bulb apps in my spare time.

My first light show app HouseParty was completed in 2014 but I felt its capabilities were too limited so I began working on an improved version which would soon be known as Light DJ.

I originally intended Light DJ as an iPad app used for live music performances, but I soon made a version for the iPhone while adding automated features like the SceneMaker special effects controller and the Visualiser. Fast forward to now and Light DJ continues to be updated with new features and functionality based on user requests.

-Kevin Kolasinski