#LIFXlife introduces VITA lampshades from Copenhagen

As part of #LIFXlife we will be featuring brands, products and our fantastic customers that are passionate about the LIFX Product.


Discover VITA copenhagen a place where beautiful Danish lighting design meets the Scandinavian feel. Using high-quality materials, VITA’s range of delicately designed lampshades offer the perfect accompaniment to LIFX lights for anyone with a passion for design and creativity or who just want to add a spark of personality to their home.

A shared dedication to clean lines and beautiful craftsmanship create a cohesive experience between LIFX and VITA. With design fundamentals covered between the two products - colour, shape, texture, space - you can turn a cold and distant room to something warm and personal. Although, VITA offer some coloured lampshades many of their products are finished in a clean white. A white lampshade and a LIFX bulb create the perfect canvas where you can tap into the millions of colours available and create a unique interior to compliment your home. 

VITA’s lampshades are delivered flat packed. Minimalism is at the core of Vita copenhagen’s designs. The flat packing ensures that their shades have the smallest environmental footprint possible while also saving their customers on shipping costs. VITA enjoy the idea of allowing customers to be part of the creation, removing a VITA copenhagen shade, allows you to play a part in the artistry that brings their designs to life. In their own words, “keeping the boxes small allows the designs to expand big.”

Their  designs  are  deeply  rooted  in  the  diverse  urban  landscape  and the  raw  nature  surrounding  VITA‘s headquarters  in  the  pulsing  heart  of  Copenhagen – a  place  where  the  calmness  of  a  bright summer day is replaced by the raging beat of the seas in the fall.


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