Invisible to the human eye

The LIFX + is a unique light, combining all the control and colour capability of the LIFX lights, with the addition of IR LEDs to the hardware. IR adds a very unique feature to the LIFX + A19 and BR30 lights. It uses 950nm IR LEDs for light that is invisible to the human eye, but can be seen by many security cameras on the market.

Most night vision cameras will have IR LEDs built in, for allowing the camera to see at night. What the LIFX + can add in value, is to illuminate those areas that the camera LEDs cannot reach. To setup your extended night vision, simply place your LIFX + in a place where it can help your camera, and when you power off the visible light, via the app, the IR LEDs will come on, to add light to your camera’s view.


In this first example, you can see that the camera is great at showing the house at night, but you are unable to see what’s at the end of the hall. With a LIFX + installed, to the family asleep, it’s dark, but the camera can see so much more with the additional light.



In the second example, you can see that IR reflects heavily off glass. This means the LIFX + will not have an impact, when behind a glass surface, like a glass globe luminaire. But, it can help with this issue, when the camera is inside. With the LIFX + is outside, it provides night vision IR, where the camera’s IR was reflected in the glass.

A LIFX + will not add brightness to existing camera IR, in confined spaces, like a bedroom, or kitchen. But when used to highlight the corner of a building, or down a long hallway, it can truly add value to a camera’s available viewing area, at night.

You can also adjust the brightness of your IR, or turn it off completely, when not in use.

To do so, tap the name of the LIFX + light and then tap the gear or Edit on the control screen. Tap NIGHT VISION. Tap the percentage option to change the IR setting. You can set the IR at 100%, 50% or Off. 




The IR is activated on the light when visible light is set to below 10%, or if you turn the visible light “OFF” via the LIFX app, or a Connects with LIFX integration.


If you want to enhance the night vision of your camera you can get your LIFX + here. Or you can read other articles about other awesome LIFX features here