LIFX now works with Nest Cam

LIFX is a great way to kick start your connected home, but to do this it needs to work seamlessly with the other smart devices you have. That’s why we have been working with the team at Nest to introduce and a new and improved interface to help you quickly and easily set up your lights which now, not only work with the Nest Learning Thermostat and Protect but also the Nest Cam.

So how does the new interface improve your experience? Nest products help you create a thoughtful home with simple solutions to efficiency, security and safety. Our new and improved connection with Nest now reflects these priorities and allows you to enable integrations that will directly improve your home in these areas. Randomly toggle your lights on and off when your Learning Thermostat is set to away and blink your lights red if you Protect detects smoke or carbon monoxide for added safety. We’ve now also introduced new ways to trigger you lights with the Nest Cam.


Our new integration with the Nest Cam helps your home become a more efficient and secure place. We’ve introduced thoughtful dimming to help you save energy, once you’ve put the kids to bed enjoy the peace of mind that your home is working to save you money and the environment.  Once your kids are asleep your Nest Cam detects a lack of motion automatically fading your lights to 5%. When you’re away also use your Nest Cam to turn on your lights when they detect motion making it appear like someone's home to scare off would be intruders.

To get started with Nest make sure you have the latest version of the LIFX app available on Android and iOS.