LIFX now compatible with SmartThings

Your LIFX lights are more connected than ever, thanks to our newest integration with Samsung SmartThings. Whether you have LIFX lights, Samsung SmartCams, Yale Real Living deadbolts or Bose Soundtouch speakers, with a SmartThings Hub you can connect these smart devices and let them communicate with each other seamlessly. Create a smarter home that automatically reacts as life happens.

In addition to the SmartThings Hub, SmartThings also have a family of sensors to help you create the ultimate connected home. There are multipurpose sensors that can detect movement and when things open and close, arrival sensors to notify when family come and go, motion sensors for security, power outlets to control electronic devices, water leak sensors and temperature and humidity sensors. You can see a full list of available SmartThings here.

SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor

SmartThings Arrival Sensor

SmartThings Motion Sensor

With all these SmartThings the options for LIFX are endless. You can create smart routines to turn your lights off when your leave for work in the morning and back on when you arrive home. You could even turn on your lights to a low dim when SmartThing Motion Sensors detect movement late at night to help guide you to the bathroom rather than waking up the entire house. You have complete control to create experiences that enhance your unique lifestyle.

Let your LIFX lights welcome you home by connecting them with a SmartThingsĀ ArrivalĀ Sensor.

Connecting your LIFX lights to a SmartThings Hub is simple as they talk to each other via the cloud. The SmartThings app will guide you through the setup and connect via your LIFX Cloud account. Once connected you can configure routines to control your LIFX lights and even control your bulbs directly via the SmartThings app.

SmartThings are available for sale within the US,Canada and as of September 10th 2015 the UK and Ireland. You can purchase them online atĀ www.smartthings.comĀ