LIFX is IFTTT’s Featured Channel of the Week

This week, LIFX is excited to be the IFTTT featured channel. If This Then That (IFTTT) allows you to make powerful connections that compliment LIFX Smart Bulbs with one simple statement - If This Then That.

Connecting with IFTTT expands the LIFX experience by giving you the ability to tap into an impressive range of apps and products you already love and use regularly. By using IFTTT with your LIFX bulbs, you can create compelling recipes which will completely change the way you use LIFX. Imagine creating an IFTTT recipe which tells your bulbs to flash when you get an email, change colour to warn you it’s going to rain, or turn blue when you are tagged on Facebook. There are so many creative options when joining LIFX with IFTTT, it just might inspire the way you use light everyday.

With all the possibilities, LIFX proudly incorporates IFTTT as a feature within the LIFX App. To access IFTTT, open the LIFX app and tap on the IFTTT button (In the Smarts tab), create your IFTTT account and activate the LIFX channel. For more information about setting up your IFTTT account visit our Help Center.



We have also integrated with IFTTT’s own Do Button. The Do button allows you to control your LIFX IFTTT triggers from your phone with a simple button (works as a widget too!) . Have fun with one touch presets that flash your LIFX lights or use the Do Button for something more practical like toggling your LIFX lights on and off.

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