LIFX in Bloom

The vivid colours generated by the LIFX Original have a mesmerising effect when they interact with different textures. We are often asked what light fixtures best compliment LIFX so we took up the challenge to see what combination produces the best results.

Our existing community of LIFX owners are always a source of inspiration, so this is where we started our search. Two of our favourite entries in our last #lifxcolor competition showcased LIFX in two very distinct styles. With industrial lighting increasing in popularity, the pairing of the ultra modern LIFX bulb with a classic industrial style is a winning combination. If you are after something more daring, a traditional Moroccan lamp combined with the vivid reds of LIFX will transport you straight to Marrakesh. Check out #lifxcolor on Twitter or Instagram for more inspiration.

LIFX Original in industrial cage fixture with bright red cable. Photo credit Lucas Hayes. Introduce LIFX to a statement lighting fixture and take your home interior to the next level. Photo credit @cmscardoso via Twitter.

If you looking to upgrade your existing fixtures and buy something new, the VITA product line up is perfectly suited to LIFX. With a large range of white lamps, the VITA line up illuminate beautifully with the 16 million colours of the LIFX Original and tunable whites of a LIFX White 800. We love that the lamps are also flexible and can be used as a traditional pendant or a floor or table lamp with the tripod accessory stands.

Pendant Silvias add style to this dinning room. Choose between warm to cool whites by adding a LIFX Original or White 800. The Carmina comes in 4 colours but we think the standard white is the best choice when paired with LIFX.

The VITA range is flat packed and can therefore ship with minimal fuss. The packaging includes a step-by-step guide on how to assemble the lamps and they even have an App to help guide you through if you're having trouble. We managed to put together a Conia and Carmina Mini with little trouble and the beautiful Eos expanded easily like a feather covered paper lantern.

Carmina Mini on table tripod with LIFX Original inside adds style to the LIFX Office. Carmina Mini on table tripod with LIFX Original inside adds style to the LIFX Office. Eos on floor tripod with LIFX Original inside illuminates the Goose feathers brilliantly.

This DIY approach ensures the VITA products are accessible in price and not out of reach for those wanting to add a touch of Scandinavian style to their home.

Our friends at VITA have donated a number of fixtures for us to share with you the LIFX Community. For your chance to win, simply share with us your colourful moments with LIFX on Twitter or Instagram and include the hashtag #lifxcolor. Check out the competition details here.