Let your tech do the haunting for you this Halloween

How does a light bulb make your home extra spooOooky? Easy. We’ve come up with these quick and easy tips to help you cast fear in the eyes even the most experienced trick or treater.



Discover your sixth sense with Yonomi

Take your Halloween game to a whole other level by connecting with the free app Yonomi, our friends there have set-up preset routines to give your home an edge above the rest, check them out here.


  • Conjure up some darkness
  • Kick off your haunted home with motion detected darkness. All you need is a LIFX light, a smart camera, and IFTTT. From there create a recipe to fade your lights slowly into darkness every time the camera detects movement.


  • Discovering haunting effects
  • This time last year we introduced the spooky theme into the app and it’s just as spine-chilling today. We think this effect is better experienced first hand than explained, just make sure you have the latest version of our app.


  • Scream-worthy lightning
  • Lightning from your lights with effects, how very Halloween. You’ll need to download the campfire app for this one, but trust us it’s worth it, as once you’re setup you can create on demand lightning that’s triggered by the words ‘trick or treat’.


  • Create a shining entry
  • You’ll need IFTTT and a smart doorbell, like ring for this one. Set your lights to flash red every time your doorbell rings, welcoming trick or treaters in supernatural style.

    We’ve also gone ahead and pulled together some step by step instructions to shine light on your pumpkin craving level - check it out here.