Just in: LIFX Cloud and IFTTT functionality!

We’re happy to announce that the LIFX 2.0 App is now available to download for iOS and Android. With this release comes exciting new features including secure Remote Access via the LIFX Cloud, and IFTTT integration which allows you to create custom recipes for your light bulbs. To enjoy these new features and more, you’ll first need to update to the latest 2.0 firmware, create your cloud account, and claim your bulbs from within the app.

Want some inspiration? Check out the LIFX channel on IFTTT to view popular recipes, including integrations with alarms, social media alerts, and weather updates.

Here a short list of recipes we’re currently loving:

Dim my lights to a golden glow when the sun sets

Toggle my lights hourly to make my home look occupied

Flash blue when I’m tagged on Facebook


For help with all things LIFX 2.0, please visit our support page.