It’s “Back to the Future” with Alexa voice control for your lights

Alexa just keeps getting smarter! She can now control your LIFX lights in custom groups as well as let you control your scenes and colors with just a quick voice command.

First, you will need to setup your LIFX lights optimized for Smart Home Skill. To get started, open the Alexa App. Tap the icon next to HOME in the upper left hand corner.

Find SMART HOME and choose GET MORE SMART HOME SKILLS. Search for the LIFX Skill. Install the LIFX OPTIMIZED FOR SMART HOME skill. This will require you to enter your LIFX account name and password to link your LIFX lights to your ALEXA app.



Once the account is linked, scroll down to YOUR DEVICES, and tap on DISCOVER DEVICES. This will find the LIFX on your account. Now you can create custom groups, with group names compatible with Alexa.



Tap CREATE GROUP, and choose the lights to put in a group with an easy to remember name. Scroll to the bottom and SAVE. Create as many groups as you need to cover all the smart lights in your home.



With setup complete, lights in your home may now be controlled via voice command.

Try saying, "Alexa, turn [group] on/off" or "Alexa, turn [light name] on/off".


Controlling Scenes with Alexa

Alexa can also control your scenes.

Create a scene in the LIFX app (link to support page). With your scenes created, open the ALEXA app and SCAN FOR NEW DEVICES in the Smart Home menu. Each scene you have saved will be a “device” in the list.

Try saying "Alexa, turn on [scene]" and watch as your chosen scene lights up!


Convenient Color Selection using Voice Command

 You can now control individual LIFX lights and Alexa Light groups, to set colors!

Try saying "Alexa, turn <light name> [color]"

Light names for shades of white light include Warm White, Soft White, White, Daylight, and Cool White.


Also choose from a growing list of color light names:


Remember, Alexa is always learning something new so you can experiment vocalizing other white / colors you’d like responsive to voice commands.