Introducing the Alexa Connected Home Integration for LIFX.

In continuing to bring you a truly connected home experience, we’ve updated the way our lights talk with Amazon Echo.

With this latest integration your lights speak directly to the Amazon Echo connected home ecosystem. You can now dim, increase brightness, and toggle your lights on and off without the need to say "LIFX". After a few quick setup steps, your Echo will know exactly which lights you are referring to and respond to your commands.

Amazon Echo allows you to group your lights at setup so that you can control them as a collection. Control entire rooms or areas within your house with one sentence.


Phrases to try...

"Alexa, Turn the lights on"

"Alexa, Turn the Kitchen light off"

"Alexa, Switch lights to 50% brightness"

"Alexa, lower brightness by 25%"

"Alexa, dim Bedroom lights by 25%"


Advanced skills: “tell LIFX…”

To control your LIFX colours and groups, just say “Alexa, ask 'Life-Ex' what I can do with my lights”. She'll guide you through enabling her advanced “tell  Life-Ex...” skill, for extra control like:

"Alexa, tell Life-Ex to make my lights blue"

"Alexa, tell Life-Ex to change the Living Room lights to red"


Getting started....


Make sure your lights are on the LIFX Cloud then follow these steps:

1. In the LIFX app, open Amazon Echo under Integrations and connect to your Amazon account.

2. Open your Alexa app and tap Discover Devices under Settings > Account > Connected Home > Devices . Your lights will be displayed, and you can then group them for Alexa here (hint: Alexa groups are separate from your personal LIFX groups).

3. Say “Alexa, turn my lights… On” or “...Off”. That's it!

4. Optional: Enable the advanced LIFX Skill in the Alexa app to add control of colours and groups. Say “Alexa, ask 'Life-Ex' what I can do with my lights” and Alexa will guide you through the set-up. For the skill features, "ask LIFX" is required during the command.