The latest update for our iOS and Android apps has been released and with it some great new features.  With millions of colors possible from just one LIFX light, we know it is an important part of the experience, which is why in our latest update we have decided to celebrate just that... color!

We’ve made it easier than ever to ensure that you are able to produce the exact same shade across all your lights with our new copy and paste feature. Simply long-press the color description (e.g. Color 60°) and then copy and paste the name onto a different light. With just a few taps on your phone your favorite shade of green is now reflected by all of your lights.

Selecting a color isn’t an easy process, finding the correct shade and intensity can be a bit of trial and error. Which is where rewind comes in. We save your most recently used color so that you can return to it in an instant. Simply select the color swatch on the top left color of your color wheel screen and you’re done. 

Copy & Paste.

Copy & paste color between any of your lights by long-pressing on the color description.


Apply your most recent color to other lights or roll-back to the last selection if you change your mind.


Found the perfect color? Share it with your friends online.

And finally, we’ve added color sharing. Take your favourite color and share it with your friends by selecting the share button on the top right of your screen. Let your loved ones know you're thinking of them by sending their favorite color or encourage your friend to reach their deadline with just the right blue to encourage concentration.

We’ve included some of our favorite picks to get you started:

Get Color

Get Color

Get Color

To take advantage of these latest features make sure you have the most recent versions of our iOS and Android apps.