Inspiration from the LIFX community

We’ve pulled together a collection of fan photos that prove you don’t need a professional to create stunning interior lighting when you’re working with LIFX. Here are some unique ideas that will help bring out your inner designer. Check them out and get inspired.


Workspaces don’t have to be boring. 

Daniel Wearne (@Wernah) sparked our creativity with his bold gradient office design that instantly makes identical spaces unique.


Purple. two ways.

 Whether you’re uplighting an architectural element or showing off a piece of interesting decor, rich saturated colours play up shadows in a striking way.  Like these two great takes on purple. Trestle-inspiration by Marco Lucisano (), antler design by Kam Dhatt (@KD_iLoveLamp)

Red light relax. 

@___ shows that red is a natural complement to a sunset view. As a bonus, it also creates the perfect viewing environment for movie night, and helps your body wind down after a long day.

Fun and funky fixtures. 

As featured on the site Home in the Future (@homeinthefuture) there’s no need to choose just one colour for your statement fixture. You can create custom scenes and save your favorites palettes for quick access anytime you’re ready for a colour change.

Winter wonderland.

Daniel May (@thedanielmay ) shows how to beat away the winter blues with just the right warm white glow.

Panda perfect. 

Tim Lucas (@toolmantim) created a LIFX light-up panda named Po.  IFTTT-enabled, Po is equal parts adorable and smart.