Imaginations rule when kids connect with LIFX

LIFX lights offer a great introduction into the world of home automation and smart lighting. But one of the things we enjoy most is hearing from you, our users, with the exciting and creative ways you are using them in your homes. One thing that keeps coming up is not only how fun having LIFX in your home is but how much your kids LOVE LIFX lights and we couldn’t agree more. So today we thought we’d share some of the great ways parents & children alike are using LIFX in their homes.

During the day, pass over control of the LIFX app to your little ones and watch as they discover our simple to use colour wheel and exciting effects. With 16 million colours available with the touch of a smartphone or tablet, never worry about painting the walls again. Let your kids transform their room from jungle green to cosmic blue, then set it back to a cool white without the mess. With exciting effects kids can play in a rainbow of colour using the colour cycle feature or get the disco started with the music visualizer, the adventure is only a tap away.

When it’s time to wind down, set the scene for story time. Whether it’s a Very Hungry Caterpillar green, pink for Roald Dahl’s classic Matilda or a magical purple to go with Harry Potter’s adventures, adding the extra element of colour can help enhance little imaginations. When the story is over, gradually dim their lights to create a night light. You can even set it to their favorite colour for added comfort or use a yellow-to-red glow to encourage a peaceful night’s rest.

These are only some of the great ideas we’ve heard from you. And as we continue to develop our understanding on how smart lighting can improve our health and wellbeing, we can’t wait to hear even more. So whether it’s using themes to transform a room into an underwater adventure or encouraging a great night’s sleep with red hues, the possibilities are only limited by imagination.