How to combat the 3PM slump without reaching for coffee

We’ve all been there, it’s that time in the afternoon where motivation flies out the window and quickly we turn to coffee, energy drinks and sugar to sustain us for the rest of the day. But what if we told you that incorrect or insufficient lighting in your office environment could be preventing you from reaching your peak energy levels? The benefits of exposure to daylight have long been known, but what has been explored more recently is how lack of or the wrong lighting can impact our general well being and productivity.

Natural light is essential for humans, it helps our circadian rhythm align with time which essentially keeps our bodies alert during the day and restful in the evening. Not being exposed to the right amount of daylight can lead to fatigue & stress, among other things. However with many of us spending 40+ hours per week at work, our bodies aren't getting the light they need and with our busy schedules it’s not practical to do so. So lets explore some lighting tips and tricks, that can help us beat that 3pm slump.



Blue light has had a bad wrap in the media lately, but did you know that during the day exposure to blue light is a good thing? Our bodies are exposed to blue light naturally from the sun everyday which leads to us being more alert and active. But with many of us spending our days inside, the lack of blue light can lead to feelings of tiredness and stress. How can we remedy this in an office environment? With tunable LED lighting you can now reach colour temperatures of  6,500K - 9,000K which is have similar effects to the blue light emitted by the sun. Studies have shown that after just a couple hours exposure to blue light during the day, people can experience enhanced alertness, well-being and visual comfort.


Difficulty focusing in the afternoon, headaches, blurred vision? These are all symptoms of eye strain. Eye strain can be caused by a number of factors directly related to lighting like flickering fluorescent lamps and inadequate amounts of lighting. Many offices still rely on fluorescent lights because they cut costs, however they can be very unpredictable, in some cases not providing enough light, and in others, illuminating areas in an uneven way  So how can we beat this in an office? With advancements in lighting technology, you can beat flickering lights by replacing them with reliable, consistent LED’s.



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