Hey, what about a physical light switch?

Each month we will be highlighting some of the great Smart Devices that work with your LIFX lights, to help create a truly connected home experience.

Sometimes you just want to walk into the room and press a good old light switch to control the colours or brightness of your smart light, a group of lights or even your whole home. There are some great smart buttons on the market that do just this. Today we’ll show how it’s done with Flic, the wireless smart button that you can use to control your LIFX Lights, take photos, order pizza, share your location and more.


Flic connects to LIFX through their smartphone app (download their free app here) to create quick and simple ways to trigger your lights. Whether toggling your lights on and off, setting the scene or changing colour, the small and portable nature of the Flic Button means that you can set it up where you want and create triggers that are tailored to you.


There are three ways to trigger a Flic Button action, meaning you can get a lot from just one button. These include a click, double click and hold. Each of these triggers can be customised to your favorite actions, some of our favorite ways to control LIFX Lights are below:

  • - 1 Click - Toggle Lights on & off
  • - Double Click - Change the colour of your lights
  • - Press and Hold - Set your favorite scene Eg. Dimming the lights to watch TV in the evening

Remember to connect with Flic your Lights must be connected to the LIFX cloud.

That’s just the beginning. There’s plenty more a smart button can do and other great products that work with LIFX. Got a favorite smart button for LIFX? Tweet us @LIFX to share your experience!