Halloween LIFX-o'-Lantern

With Halloween fast approaching, we’ve created a simple ‘How To’ guide for making your very own spooky, WiFi-controlled Jack-o’-Lantern…or what we like to call a LIFX-o’-Lantern!

We bet your neighbors and friends have never seen a Jack-o’-Lantern that pulses to your music and changes colours – welcome to next level Halloween party decorations.

Step 1 – Get your materials ready.
– 1 Large pumpkin
– 1 Carving Kit (kitchen knives and spoons are also okay)
– 1 Goo (brains) bowl
– 1 Light fixture
– 1 LIFX bulb


Step 2 – Time to get-a-slicing!

Not sure about how to sculpt yourself a super spooky lantern face? Trying printing out a template (like this one we used), place it over your pumpkin and away you go.

Remember to scoop out as much pumpkin brains as you can – there can be a lot so remember to keep your goo bowl handy. We should let you know that LIFX bulbs are NOT fans of pumpkin goo. In fact they don’t mix well at all, so make sure you try and keep as much of it away from your bulb as you can – this is really important.

Once you’ve emptied out the pumpkin carefully cut a hole at the back where your LIFX bulb can fit into and connect to an outlet.

To power your LIFX-o’-Lantern, you will need a small light socket – many table lamps are perfect for this. You could even hop down to your closest IKEA and grab a cheap fixture – this is the one we used and it worked perfectly.


After you’ve hollowed out your pumpkin brains, insert your LIFX bulb, connect it to power and away you go! We suggest playing around with the music visualizer or tinkering with candle flicker to find the perfect visual effect.