Group your lights and set the mood

Still adjusting your LIFX lights one by one? It’s time to get you up to speed on Grouping!

Grouping is a powerful function within the LIFX app which allows for convenient adjustment of multiple LIFX lights throughout your home or workspace. You’ll gain enhanced control over your lighting network while opening the doors on some very cool lighting themes and effects at the same time. 

Create a Group
Start by ensuring all LIFX lights within the intended group are online. Go to the HOME menu and choose the first LIFX light you’re forming a group around. On the following screen, press EDIT in the upper right corner.

From EDIT, select GROUP, then create a NEW GROUP to add your light to; alternately, lights can be added to any preexisting groups you’ve created. Return to the HOME screen, choose another light, press EDIT, select GROUP, and assign it to the group. Repeat until the desired number of lights are added.

Access your new GROUP on the HOME menu and watch as the synched lights change in tune with your lighting choices, themes, and effects!

You can also watch the video and follow the step-by-step tutorial: 


Naming Your Group

Naming LIFX lights, groups, and scenes makes it easier to reference, navigate, and customize your lighting network. Names of groups and individual lights are editable at any time.

Start at the LIFX app HOME and tap the name of the light, group, or scene to be edited. On the following screen, tap EDIT located in the upper right hand corner.

From the EDIT screen, tap the “X” icon on the right in the NAME field. The existing name will be cleared and you can assign a new name. Finally, tap SAVE to commit your changes.

For a SCENE, just select the one you’d like to rename and the following screen cuts right to an editable naming field.  


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