Fine tune your lighting with the Google app.

Good news for our Android users! LIFX voice control has come to the Google app.

Thanks to the Google app, hands-free control of your LIFX Lights is just a command away on your Android device. You can adjust the brightness, switch between an extensive range of colours and toggle your lights on and off. Our Google app support is personalised for you and your voice, allowing it to understand a range of a complex phrases and commands.

Get started by enabling ‘Always On’ for Ok Google and try out a few commands:

“Ok Google, turn on all my lights”

“Ok Google, switch all my lights off”

“Ok Google, set my lights to dark blue”

“Ok Google, make all my lights to light pink”

“Ok Google, make my lights brighter”

Don’t want to control your lights with the app open? That’s ok too. The Google app supports LIFX voice control even when the LIFX app isn’t open. Just make sure you add ‘LIFX’ on the end:

“Ok Google, make my lights red on life-x’”

You’re now ready to enjoy voice control on your own. Just make sure you have the latest version of the LIFX app, available to download here.