Extended Night Vision for your Nest Cam Outdoor™

Looking after your home is important, but is it looking after you? With the release of our Generation 3 LIFX + Bulb we have introduced a new way to enhance the ability for your home security camera to see in the dark. Engineered to include infrared technology the LIFX + blankets your space in invisible light that’s easily picked up by your camera, while also offering amazing colours and customizable whites, as you’ve come to expect from your LIFX.

Our LIFX + BR30 is our first bulb that is dust tight and water resistant, making it suitable for use in outside setting (IP65 compliant). Use your LIFX + BR30 with the Nest Cam Outdoor to cover your porch and backyard from every angle. Pairing your LIFX + BR30 with the Nest Cam Outdoor extends Night Vision even further illuminating those dark corners so you can capture every moment.

LIFX + has an infrared wavelength of 970nm. This wavelength is completely invisible to the human eye, but provides amazing illumination for your Nest Cam Outdoor. All the benefits without the distracting red glow.

We’re working together not only to help you see further in the dark, but also a thoughtful home with elegant solutions to home security like the ability of the Nest Cam to flash your lights on if motion is detected. To find out more on how Nest & LIFX work together click here.