German engineering has never looked this good.


LIFX Partner and creators of Nuimo, Senic are returning to Kickstarter to launch COVI. COVI is a speech-enabled light that also includes an open-source based smart home hub. Senic has taken the feedback of their early users and channeled it directly into their ambitious second product. COVI will work together with LIFX bulbs and also be compatible with Nuimo.





COVI is a speech-enabled designer light and open-source hub that supports speech services like Amazon Alexa. COVI can connect smart home devices to enable home automation with an awareness of your activities. Unlike many larger companies who build closed automation platforms, COVI is built on an open source platform includes 500+ contributors. This allows COVI to be integrated into any ecosystem or platform with an open API.




Senic is a Y Combinator-backed hardware and software startup specializing in developing new ways to experience and interface with technology in the home. Senic’s mission is to create tech products that focus on wellbeing, not on stickiness. In 2015, Senic launched their first product NUIMO on Kickstarter. NUIMO is a Red Dot and German Design award-winning smart home controller compatible with smart speakers, lights and other smart devices. In 2016, Senic delivered thousands of NUIMOs to backers of their first campaign. NUIMO and COVI are both manufactured locally in Germany. COVI is the next step in Senic’s mission to combine design and technology to promote seamless interactions and wellbeing in the home. Senic was founded in 2013, by Felix Christmann, Philip Michaelides and Tobias Eichenwald. It is headquartered in Berlin, DE.





Senic will launch COVI on Kickstarter beginning June 20th at 8am EST.


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