Control your LIFX Lights with your Harmony Remote

Ever wanted to be able to control your lights with your remote control? With the Logitech Harmony series the power of the remote control extends beyond the living room. Today we are happy to announce that LIFX is now compatible with the Harmony Living Home.

With a Harmony hub based remote, you can lock the door, close the blinds, adjust the thermostat, turn up the music and now control your LIFX lights. 

Control you lights individually or in groups, directly or on programmed schedules. You can even create customised activities like "Movie Night" to dim your lights and turn on your favourite movie channel.

All Harmony hub based remotes can connect with LIFX over your home Wi-Fi network. Simply connect your LIFX to the same home network as your Harmony hub and you are away.

Learn more about the Harmony experience with LIFX on the Harmony Living Home website.

Check out the Harmony Living Home video below for some more great examples of how connecting your smart home with Harmony and LIFX can enhance your lifestyle.