Celebrating in 16 Million Colours

Vivid Sydney is kicking off in Australia this weekend and it's got us feeling inspired. Light and colour are two things we are passionate about here at LIFX and to join in the celebration, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite festivals and shows from around the world.



Major cities around the world celebrate colour and light every year. From the colossal ice sculptures at the Harbin Ice Festival in China to the bright and memorizing lights that transform Sydney Harbour at Vivid, Australia. On such a large scale, light quickly becomes art, transporting visitors to an imaginative new world.

Harbin Ice Festival, China 


 Ghent Light Festival, Belgium


Festival of Lights, Berlin


Winter Illumination, Japan


Art Exhibitions

Light is an incredible medium and when combined with texture and colour it can turn ordinary spaces into something incredible. Experience not only the immersive visual of aspect of light installations but also the sensory effects when light transforms a room. There are some great exhibitions out the at the moment like Light Show and James Turrell, just to name a couple.

James Turrell James Turrell

Anthony McCall

The LIFX Community

Some of our favorite and most creative displays come from you, the LIFX community. We are constantly inspired by the images shared with us through Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, so here our some of our top picks.


Credit @imacwalker Credit @Wernah Credit @thedanielmay