Announcing the LIFX API

Hi Developers,

After much anticipation and many sleepless nights, we are excited to announce the release of the official LIFX API.

You can come grab the API here on Github –

With multiple SDKs for your platform of choice, let the LIFX API look after the heavy lifting whilst you focus on building innovative features that enhance your everyday life with LIFX.

 - Experiment with colour and lighting sequences

 - Control individual, groups or all your LIFX bulbs at once

 - Integrate your LIFX with online services, automation systems or third-party protocols

 - Get started with platform support for iOS, Android and Ruby

The LIFX API includes some real-world examples such as:

- Turn off all lights

- Turn on the light named “Hallway”

- Turn on all lights that are tagged “Kitchen”

- Set every light to a random colour

- Change the colour of a light based on the build status of a project on Travis

- Turns a light off after X seconds of it being detected turned on

- Use divide-and-conquer search algorithm to identify a light visually

We’ve been overwhelmed by the amazing ideas that have been suggested by our community and we are excited to now provide an open platform for these ideas to come to life.

Enjoy and Git started!