6 powerful ways to use LIFX schedules

With thousands actioned everyday, schedules have quickly become one of the most popular features available in the LIFX app. So in celebration of both its success and the introduction of Scenes, we thought it was time to share with you some of our favorite ways to use them.


  • 1. Wake up naturally each morning, to a gradually increasing light
  • Few people are lucky enough to wake up with the help of the rising sun, but now with LIFX sunrise alarms you can get pretty close. Wake up gradually to a softly increasing light, without the sensation being jolted awake to the blaring sound of an alarm. The gradual increase of light mimics the rising sun and allows your body to adjust from sleep to waking naturally. Feel the difference each morning when you get off to a better start to the day and are more alert in the afternoons.


  • 2. Time for the kids to go to sleep? Have their lights turn off automatically
  • Let LIFX do the work, by setting a recurring schedule to let your kids know that it’s time for bed. No longer will you have to struggle with ever delayed bedtimes, when the clock strikes, use a gradually dimming light to send your children to a peaceful night sleep, giving you more time to kickback and enjoy your favorite TV shows.


  • 3. No one home? Toggle your lights on and off
  • Heading away for the weekend? Use your LIFX lights with schedules for added security, by setting them to toggle on and off in your absence. Set schedules for random times throughout day to make it look like someone's home, leaving you to enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind that your home is being looked after.


  • 4. Never worry about leaving your lights on again
  • Be a friend to the environment by using LIFX schedules to turn your lights off. Take advantage of recurring schedules and set your lights to turn off automatically after leaving the house each day after you head off to work. Not only will you be looking out for the environment, but your wallet will thank you as you save on your energy bills.


  • 5. Arrive home to a beautifully lit house
  • Never come home to the dark again, use schedules to light up your house by setting them to turn on just before you arrive home each night. No longer when you get home after dark will you have to  fumble along the wall trying find the light switch, it will feel like your home has been waiting for you.


  • 6. Set your scene without lifting a finger
  • Settle in for the evening by having your lights automatically fade to a warm glow as the sun sets, or start the day with a crisp cool white to help increase alertness. With the introduction of Scenes to Schedules you can have your lights automatically set to your favorite colours at key times without having to reach for your smartphone or tablet.

    Haven’t set up a schedule yet? Don’t worry, we’ve put together some step by step instructions to walk you through it - click here.