5 exciting ways to trigger LIFX scenes

Scenes are quickly becoming one of the most loved features for LIFX owners. They give you the ability to tailor your lights for your space, save the look, and then return to that moment with just a tap on the LIFX app. 

But what if you didn’t even have unlock your phone to trigger a scene? We believe the more automation, the better the LIFX experience. So we are excited to have opened up scenes to use with the hundreds of channels available on IFTTT.

We understand that making your way through all these channels can be a maze, so we have spent some time compiling a list of our favorite triggers, so you don’t have to. 


1. Do Button

Lets kick this off with a simple, yet practical option. The Do Button by IFTTT lets you create a button that triggers your lights and even works as a widget on iOS devices.


2. The Weather Channel

Help align your circadian rhythm by setting scenes that automatically activate with the movement of the sun.


3. Geo Location

Lights that have been crafted to compliment your space by you. Simply enter your home address, arrive home and your lights will do the rest.


4. Connected Home - Nest & Scout

A connected home is a smart home. Take your home automation to the next level by having your lights talk to other smart devices (check out some of the smart devices we connect to directly).


5. Up by Jawbone - Fitness Tracker

Let your fitness tracker know your awake by disabling sleep mode and watch as your lights automatically respond with your favorite scene.


Now it's your turn, create your own LIFX recipes using IFTTT & Scenes and share it with us via Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

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