Time flies - we can’t believe we’re almost through the first month of 2017! So, before we jump too far ahead into the excitement of the year, we thought why not take a moment to look back at some of the awesome ways you guys have been using your LIFX lights. From bright colors, crazy amounts of connections and some interesting use of Emoji’s, we’ve rounded up the very best of 2016.

A lot of people love the color blue.

No really. In fact, over 4,000 people set their lights to this exact color in 2016.

Word association anyone?

We hunted out the most common colors named with these keywords for the year. The results? For some, not what we were expecting. Check it out below.

Get the colors

Color 359°
Color 299°
Color 247°
Color 200°
Color 182°
Color 166°
Color 240°
Color 163°
Color 299°
Color 298°
Color 356°
Color 259°

We got some new connections.

This year we worked hard with some of our friends to make LIFX more connected than ever. Here are just a few from our new and improved integrations from 2016...



You guys made some new connections too.

From the looks of our data, the future is now and the smart home has well and truly arrived! Over 70% of you have connected your LIFX Lights to another product or service.

In 2016 Emoji’s as scene and schedules names became a thing - a fantastic thing if you ask us! We’ve picked some honorable mentions for you.

Our kinda scene.

Right on time.

We hope your LIFX has brightened your year and we look forward to seeing all the great things you do with them in 2017.

Stacie Newbiggin