Solar Schedules - Rise & Fall with the Sun

Naturally, ease your transition into the waking world or dip yourself to sleep, with Solar Schedules. This GPS-enabled feature pairs the LIFX lights in the home with the rising and setting of the sun. Schedule your preferred time to light or dim the household while keeping in a natural rhythm with the Sun’s movement across the Earth.

To set your Solar Schedule, tap the “+” button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Choose NEW SCHEDULE (then, new schedule), on the following menu then tap START TIME. On the following screen, choose either SUNSET or SUNRISE, then allow the LIFX app to pinpoint your GPS location.

LIFX Tip 37: Be home when setting your solar schedules, so they are accurate to your location’s sunrise/sunset time.

Once GPS is set, you will make your choice between SUNRISE and SUNSET. You will then choose your START TIME (+ or -signs below the map) which can be scheduled up to three hours before or after either option. Hit save in the upper right hand corner and you can now assign the new Solar Schedule to individual LIFX lights or groups in your household. Get creative with color and see what works best for your sunrise and sunset routines.