The ‘Sh*t! I almost forgot’ 2021 Father’s Day Gift Guide

What the h*** do you mean it’s already September of 2021?  

There's no question this year flew by. But whether you're keeping up with your calendar or not, Father’s Day is almost upon us and it’s time to find that perfect gift idea once again.  

We’re here to tell you there’s still time. (Just not much with Aus Post drowning in parcels.) 

You start to ask yourself questions. What type of dad is your dad? He could be techy kinda guy. Or the “want to bond” kinda guy, who’s happiest sharing his projects, hobbies or his amazing home improvements with you. A cool dad, a workaholic dad, a fun dad, a movie buff dad. 

Or maybe you’re a dad.  

You know what? It doesn’t matter. Either way, you need a gift that’s versatile — the perfect Father's Day gift for every dad... except tin foil hat dad, given you only need Wi-Fi to work one of our lights (but we’re ok with that). 

We’ve broken out each unique Father's Day gift idea by way of your dad’s specific interests below. Because he’s no ordinary dad, so he deserves an extraordinary light.  

Movie buff Dad. 

LIFX Lightstrip

The perfect Father’s Day in your house may just be kicking back on the couch watching dad’s favourite movie. Whether it’s The GodFather or Back to the Future Part I, II, or III a movie deserves good lighting.  

By getting dad a LIFX Lightstrip kit to attach to the back of his TV or entertainment unit, he can create custom coloured and animated lighting scenes. And you can enjoy being the golden child for the next month. 

Neat freak Dad.  

LIFX Clean


“Wash your hands!” “Why are your dirty socks on the floor?” “Do the dishes for heaven's sake!” 

If all of those statements sound familiar to you (or still haunt you from your childhood) and your dad loves a clean house, we’ve got you covered.  

With LIFX Clean your dad can feed his deep love of a clean home by scheduling timed disinfection cycles to wipe out bacteria around the house while staying hands-free. That’s some next-level cleaning he can brag about for months (or in his case, years).  

Techy Dad.  

LIFX smart switch

If the tech devices are flowing, and each room in your parents’ house is decked out from top to bottom, then your dad would benefit from a way to keep everything in sync. 
LIFX Smart Switch not only makes average lights smart, but can also keep smart lights in standby mode whether on or off meaning your dad’s smart setup won't be interrupted. And with the ability to control devices beyond lighting, your dad's techy dreams can be endless.  

Detective Dad.   

LIFX nightvision


When your dad is watching Sherlock Holmes, does he solve the mystery before it’s revealed? (Or guess a million times and get kinda sort of close?) Then you’re in luck. With Infrared wavelengths, your pops can use LIFX Nightvision to see in the dark (through a video recording) and become the real-life detective he’s always dreamed of being!  

Time-poor Dad. 

LIFX white to warm

Your dad’s a busy guy, we get it. He’s got meetings, business deals, places to be — so why not help the guy out? A couple of 
LIFX White to Warms will do the job. He can use them as wakeup alarms in the mornings, connect them with Microsoft using our Power Automate integration for calendar updates, and sync them with the sunset to help melatonin production for a perfect night’s sleep.  


Are you a dad?  

Well then make sure to tell your family what you want this Father’s Day! A set of 100mm Downlights is the most underrated way to pimp the man cave. Problem is, your friends and fam will love them so much you’ll forever have to host Smithy, Daz, Fitzy, Bloko, Nobby and Jonno for every grand final viewing ever. 

LIFX downlight colour
LIFX colour