Logitech POP

Logitech Pop Home Switch

Match your lighting to your lifestyle with the touch of a button.


The Logitech Pop Switch is wireless and battery-powered, making it easy to pop just about anywhere. Simple plug in your POP bridge into your wall outlet and you’re ready to start creating press once, press twice and press and hold commands to trigger events in your home.


Add creativity and convenience to your smart home with unique recipes that allow you to not only control your LIFX, but connect them with other products. Create combinations to trigger multiple devices, like setting your smart locks and night-lights before going to bed.


Create up to three custom commands with your Logitech POP. Dim your LIFX lights with a one touch command to wind down in the evenings, decrease the warmth for added concentration in the morning and color to add a touch of creativity to your home.

Get Connected

To get started, simply plug in your POP bridge and connect to your smart device. From there you will be able to navigate the Logitech POP app where you can discover your LIFX lights via the following steps:

Open Logitech Pop App > Connect New Device > Lights & Switches > Light Bulbs

You're now ready to start creating custom triggers to control your LIFX. For more information on advanced usage of your LIFX with the Logitech POP head to their support page here.

Download the LIFX app for your preferred device and connect with Logitech:

Download on the App Store Download on Google Play Download on Windows Store