...is the why of smart lighting.

It’s not hard to turn a light on and off at the switch. We get it. But that’s not “it”. When you can schedule a slow waking morning light to ease you out of sleep, or set a lamp to flash when your Uber arrives, or paint your white living room walls any colour you want each day, your home feels different.

See more below about why you would smart lighting. And why LIFX.

LIFX Product Features

Schedule Automation

Automate your lighting to suit your daily schedule. Wake up with your lights fading on, or be greeted to a home filled with light.

16 Million colours

LIFX colour lighting produces extremely vivid, saturated and powerful colours with over 16 million to choose from.

View the LIFX A60

Tunable white light

Relax. Focus. Choose the mood for your space. Cool to warm white lighting with temperatures ranging from 1500K - 4000K.

Explore the Mini Day Dusk

Infrared night vision

LIFX + emits an infrared light invisible to the human eye, yet crystal clear for your camera. Pair with your 900nm - 1000nm infrared security camera (optimal at 950nm).

Learn more about LIFX +