#LIFXlimelight is our campaign to celebrate daring creatives and creators.

We are designers who got a break a few years back and we wanted to pay it forward. So what did we do? Featured nine awesome creators on a billboard in Times Square is all. But now we want to give you a chance to share in the #LIFXLimeLight too…

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Congratulations to Vasjen Katro for being voted your favourite #LIFXLimeLight creator!

The winner of the Ultimate Prize Pack is Nick McEwan-Hall.

All runners up have been contacted directly.


Kiyan is a 27 year-old Iranian self-taught motion designer & CG Artist. He currently works as a creative director and motion graphics designer in Vienna, Austria. The ‘uncanny valley’ feeling short animations that fill his instagram feed are his way of pushing his work further and learning new things.

Annette Labedzki

Annette is a Canadian artist living and working in Vancouver. She is best known by her instagram followers for her frozen paint sculptures the satisfying videos of the subsequent chopping, smooshing and mixing of them to surprising effect and colour.

Chris Maclean

Chris Maclean is an Australian/British Creative Director, photographer and film maker based in New York City, currently working at Wolff Olins. Originally from Manchester, UK, Chris' interest in iphonography started ten years ago when he fell in love with street photography and portraiture. After making short films in Tokyo, and Red Hook Crit in Brooklyn, this is an edit of his travel exploits in Puerto Rico.

Vasjen Katro

Vasjen Katro is the Visual Designer behind @baugasm. Originally from Albania, Vasjen has shared 365 unique poster designs a year since 2016. His work has been recognised by the likes of Apple, Facebook, Adobe and Converse.

Reuben Wu

Reuben Wu is a Chicago based visual artist and music producer. Being in the music industry and also co-founding his own band called Ladytron, he started exploring photography while touring. The notion of journey and discovery is central to his art, bound with his love for new technology and the opportunities it brings to modern storytelling.

Mike Winkelmann

Mike Winkelmann is Beeple, a graphic designer from Charleston, USA. He creates short-films, Creative Comms. VJ loops and has worked with artists such as One Direction and Eminem to create concert visuals. One of the originators of the “everyday” movement, Mike has been posted a picture every day over ten years on his Instagram.

Erik Winkowski

Erik Winkowski is an animator and designer from New York, now based in New Orleans, USA. He creates playful video collages that celebrate ordinary moments and makes them feel extraordinary.

Evan Hilton

Evan Hilton, a Florida native, began his stop motion craft right out of high school. Over the past five years he developed his craft and he is now a full time stop motion animator. With constant bursts of colour and animated fun, Evan is constantly finding the excitement in the mundane, like this piece “Fire Crackers.”

Dan Lam

Dan Lam creates tactile, colourful, sculptures that exist between the beautiful and ugly. Aptly named Drips, Blobs, and Squishes, her work draws you in and piques your curiosity!