Mini Colour - Hard Bundle Multipacks
Mini Colour - Hard Bundle Multipacks
Mini Colour - Hard Bundle Multipacks
Mini Colour - Hard Bundle Multipacks

Mini Colour - Hard Bundle Multipacks

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Dear customers,due to high demand and reduced capacity at our Melbourne distribution centre, we are currently redirecting customers to our national retail partners' websites to ensure you have smoothest possible purchase experience. We appreciate your understanding.

The LIFX Mini is our most compact light yet, bringing vivid colour, soft whites and more control to your home via your Wi-Fi.

One Billion

LIFX boasts the deepest, richest, and most beautiful colours. How? It's all in the LEDs we choose that our competitors don't.

It's a can't-go-wrong colour-changer, and a perfect pick for that bedside lamp.


Spec for spec, the best bulb I've tested.



This is your entire starter kit


Bang for your buck


Environmentally and wallet-friendly

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Hey Google, Alexa, Siri...

For handsfree help, ask an assistant. They are already on your phone - why not try it out now? Or get yourself a smart speaker for added convenience.

Sleep better

With our Day & Dusk app feature helping your circadian rhythm, and the deepest amber assists your melatonin production before bedtime, LIFX is a good choice for a good night's sleep.

Brain Food

Blue light is not all bad - it'll help you stay alert if you need to push through for that all nighter. Some believe orange makes you more creative, purple more peaceful. See what works for you.

Parent Hacking

Thinking of spending hundreds on that baby light? Why not test if your toddler will respond to a LIFX. Fade off during storytime and watch those eyelids droop. Or set to amber for 5am meaning "don't get out of bed yet!"

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