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Lights for fuelling your focus.

Bright white light at 6000K (the same colour temperature as the sun) has been proven to enhance performance and improve focus. So put down the third coffee and fuel your work days with lighting that will help you feel wide awake and ready to go naturally.

Lights for reducing eye strain.

Staring at screens all day can cause a serious headache. But some of that eye strain and fatigue can easily be reduced with bias lighting. By projecting light behind your monitor, you can not only reduce blue light intensity, but also increase the vibrant contrast of colours on your screen. Your eyes will thank us later.

Lights for keeping your space clean.

LIFX Clean can be used as a standard light during the day to illuminate your space with bright, focus-fuelling light. Then, when you’re all finished working, schedule LIFX Clean to switch to HEV wavelengths and battle bacteria so that your space is clean and ready to go for tomorrow.

Lights for calling it a day.

You can’t work 24/7 (even though we know you’ve tried once or twice). Ensure you’re switching off for the day by scheduling your lights to wind down when it’s time for you to call it. Transition from bright whites to warm ambers to gently ease away from work. Or draw a hard line in the sand by scheduling your lights to flick to red. Close the email and step away from the laptop with your hands up. Or else.

Lights for squeezing in your workout.

At the end of a long work day, get yourself in the mood to move with the very same lights that powered you through the meetings. Switch from bright whites to endless blues, purples and pinks to take you for a wild ride that’ll have you forget you’re even sweating.

More lights for fitness