Windows users, this is what you have been asking for. The LIFX App for Windows 10 is here and it has some exclusive features just for you.

“Hey Cortana, tell LIFX…”

Control your LIFX lights with your voice! Just say “Hey Cortana, tell LIFX…” to get started. Example phrases include: “Tell LIFX to make my lights red”, “Tell LIFX to turn on my bedroom lights”, “Tell LIFX to make the hallway lights brighter”. Try it out and see what Cortana can do.

Live Tiles:

Pin a light or group to the Start Menu. LIFX Live Tiles automatically update to show on or off and the current color. They also make a great a shortcut to your favorite lights.

Ready for Surface:

Optimized for desktop and tablet viewing, making it perfect for Surface Pro 3. Maximize LIFX to fill the entire screen and view your whole lights list and your color wheel at the same time. And it works great with a mouse or a touch screen.

AllJoyn Enabled:

Built on AllJoyn for Windows 10,  LIFX can onboard and control AllJoyn-certified smart lights from any manufacturer.

So go download the LIFX App for Windows 10 today. We can't wait to hear what you think, tell us at