LIFX has become an important part of many people’s lives. Every day we see appreciation from our users for making their homes smarter, brighter and more automated, with more people connecting bulbs and making their spaces more fun, expressive, unique and responsive.

We’re so grateful and proud to have an army of supporters, makers and creatives around us that see and use our lights in unique ways. It is the clever, surprising and novel ways you all interact with our lights that allows LIFX to challenge and reimagine what lighting should be.

It’s for these reasons we’re starting a monthly blog series about our secret to success - you!

Presenting #inventedforlifx - featuring awesome people who do great things with LIFX.

Meet Richard.

From a young age Richard (Devon, UK, 26) has been interested in technology and the doors it opens for people. He loves the smart home movement and having everything connected, including his LIFX lights. He created Trajectio, a self designed sensor system that turns your lights and music in response to  your body's motion and has been using it for the past few months in his home. Now he’s taken a sabbatical from his role as a technology consultant to share his invention with  the world, launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

“Trajectio uses sensors to turn on your smart devices when you walk into a room; and turns them off when you leave”, explains Richard. 

But how does someone come up with such a novel solution? Richard’s got an answer for us on that too:  “I have a really badly placed light switch in my kitchen. To turn the light on or off, I had to close the door to be able to access the switch. Adding LIFX bulbs to my kitchen solved this problem, allowing me to control the lights with my phone”. Nevertheless, “as a techie tinkerer I had to take this further. I decided to program a solution to turn my lights on when I walk into the room; and off when I leave”, and so Trajectio was born.

He defines his decision to include LIFX as a “no brainer” and adds ”the colour of light from LIFX is far superior to other bulbs that I have tried. Light is such a disguised aspect of our lives: it affects everything from mood to perspective, so it is really important for me to fill my home with the best quality light I can get; and LIFX provides that.”

We thank Richard for sharing his story with us and wish him the best of luck on his Kickstarter campaign and future techie life!

If you want to get in touch with him or know more about his project and Kickstarter campaign you can do it through the following channels:





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Carla Manso
Direct Marketing Coordinator. Barcelona born. Now drinking coffee in Melbourne.