1. Use blue light. Studies show that this color can boost our ability to think creatively, increase brain function and overall focus. It can also be helpful in kicking that caffeine habit.
    2. Getting bogged down by long working hours? Need to prepare for an important meeting? We recommend trying green light. Color therapist say that green doesn’t cause eye fatigue, helps you remain calm, balanced and efficient.
    3. Are you a designer or marketer? Boost creativity by setting your lights to have a yellow tint. It stimulates creativity, logic and personal power.
    4. Or maybe your job requires physical activity? Then go for red. It increases your heart rate and blood flow, which means: boost of stamina, vitality and spontaneity!


Bonus: Find your perfect sound environment. Everyone’s got one. Some people can concentrate better with music, other need complete silence. Discover yours and stick to it!

And don’t forget to take small breaks to keep you mentally fresher!


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What’s your favorite color at work? Start a conversation on Facebook! Or you can read another article on how to create a wake up schedule. 

Carla Manso Garcia
Direct Marketing Coordinator. Barcelona born. Now drinking coffee in Melbourne.